9 Mar 2011

Living Colours

The world is full of colours and I love them striking and saturated. Having said that, I try not to include too many different colours in one image. You may have to follow an animal for some time to get a nice colour-contrasting background. It is worth the effort. Animals are coloured the way they are for very good reasons: defence, camouflage, courtship or boasting. Try to tell their story in colours.

Emerald Jewel, Laguna del Lagarto, Costa Rica

4 Mar 2011

The Flight Of The Queen

This image tells the story of the flight of the termite queen. Once a year princesses and princes will take a nuptial flight to form a new colony. Ten thousands of termites emerge out of the termite mound and rise into the night. I wanted to show the flying termites including the mound to convey the story in one shot. It is one of those times you have to rely on luck to get it right. Using a 20mm wide angle the close by termite in the upper left corner just makes the picture. It shows just enough body and wings and positioned nicely in a diagonal line to the other emerging termites and the mound.

The Flight Of The Queen, Etosha Nationalpark, Namibia