24 Nov 2011

Wrecked Resting Place

I am working on an e-Book about Namibia's Skeleton Coast with the title "Between Sand And Sea". The layout and image selection is done and I am 2/3 in writing it - so hopefully it will be finished soon.

Allow me to share a sneak preview.

The history of the Skeleton Coast is full of tales about trechereous waters and abandonded victims. Some of them true, some of them colorful sailor’s yarn.

There is unquestionable proof for past tragedies in form of pictoresque shipwrecks which have accumulated along the coast these last centuries. They stand in stark contrast to the surrounding landscape and lend an air of adventure and mystery to the area.

Nature has a way of reclaiming back what was stolen from her. These cape cormorants take advantage of the otherwise almost non-existing possibility to perge and nest up high along the coast.

The bright sunlight and fast shutter speed, to freeze the bird in midair, make this almost a black and white photograph. I was lucky as the scene combines essential elements within one image which make the Skeleton Coast so unique. 

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